From the Forum: Can you be sued for what you say in a Fair Trading complaint?


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Can you be sued for something you said in an application to Fair Trading over a dispute in your apartment block?

That’s the question a flustered Flatchatter has asked this week, after a neighbour has accused him of defaming him in a letter written to Fair Trading in support of a claim.

See, not only did the owner complain that he wasn’t being compensated for damage done to his lot during repairs to common property, he went on to accuse the committee of fraudulently paying for work on their own properties.

Then the strata manager decided to repeat the accusations in committee meeting minutes that were distributed to all the owners.

So, assuming the comments were in some way defamatory – i.e., they would lower the person’s standing in the eyes of another person – could the owner be taken to court?

Would truth be a defence?  And is the strata manager just as culpable for distributing a copy of the letter?

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