From The Forum: Dog-minding in a one-bedder


We are all for the entrepreneurial spirit, here at Flat Chat … except when it comes to turning your apartment into a business that has a detrimental effect on other residents.

Now that could be an illegal (or just pain-in-the-butt) Airbnb rental, a dodgy massage parlour, a garage converted into a hairdresser, or a dumpling delivery service (seriously!).  We’ve heard them all.

The latest has arrived this week from Victoria where a resident is concerned that a neighbour is advertising a dog-minding service in his one-bedroom unit.

Where do you begin?  Is it a pet by-law thing?  Or a change of use?  Does it invalidate strata insurance?  Should the council be involved.

Or should everyone just wait to see if it becomes a problem before responding to it?

So many questions – but in Flat Chat Forum style, where no thirst for knowledge goes unquenched, we have a few answers. That’s HERE.

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There are other fresh questions as well as updated older yarns on the Flat Chat Forum.

Get yours in before the weekly rush.

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