From the Forum: Pool ban posts make headline news


Our Forum posts about the building that wants to ban children from its swimming pool has ruffled a few feathers. 

First of all there was a flurry of appalled and angry messages (which you can read HERE).

Then our colleague Sue Williams wrote a story for Domain in the Sydney Morning Herald, giving even more detail.  You can read that HERE.  

Then I (JimmyT) am clambering around the side of a mountain in Japan and get a call to go on radio to discuss the issue. Sue W filled in heroically and you can hear that  HERE

And now I hear A Current Affair on Channel Nine are following it up, too. All of which goes to show the potential power of raising issues right here on Flat Chat. 

Just getting back for a moment to the whole question of clambering around the side of a Japanese mountain, I thought I could sneak away for a week’s R&R on a hike along the Nakasendo trail without anyone noticing. 

Fat chance. Two days in, the keyboard on my laptop stopped talking to the screen – which means I am now typing this directly on to the touch screen, which is no fun, I can tell you. I call it the best-laid plans of miso and men. 

Anyway, Flat Chat’s StrataGurus  – Sir Humphrey, Lady Penelope and ScotlandX – have been doing a great job in my absences from cyberspace. 

So forgive me if this week’s forum roundup isn’t as slick as usual. As I sit cross-legged at a low coffee table in a Japanaese ryokan, I can only hope you can find your own way to the many other stories on the Forum. Just go to the link or the index at the top of the page. 

Meanwhile, here’s a taste of the stories that have generated answers and comments in the past week. 

  • What do you do when you discover the renovations done to a flat you want to buy were never approved by the strata scheme? That’s HERE. 
  • The committee has pushed a new strata management contract through the AGM and now they won’t let anyone see it. Is there anything anyone can do? That’s HERE. 
  • neighbour wants to turn his one-bedder into a two-bedroom flat. Will the owners corp be accused of being unreasonable if they refuse? That’s HERE. 

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