From the Forum: Record readers prove every dog has its day


We had a record number of visitors to the website last Wednesday –  more than 1800, if you must know – an event that always sets me off wondering what was it that attracted such big numbers. 

Was it my musings about strata residents being given licences to live in strata (which could then be taken away if they misbehaved)?  

Was the report about how Waterfix is saving apartment blocks (and therefore owners) tens of thousands of dollars? 

Was it the one about Victorian owners exposing the state government’s offer of funding to deal with cladding as a bit of a sham?  Or how Edinburgh is about to clamp down on Airbnb? 

No, it was the one on the Forum about the dog peeing on the balcony that attracted almost three times as many readers as the nearest topic.  

Our latest posts to the Forum cover a variety of tricky topics too.  

  • Can I claim for costs when I’m forced to take my body corporate to the tribunal for failure to do their job properly?  That’s HERE. 
  • What do you do when the renovations upstairs mean my renovations will no longer be approved?  That’s HERE. 
  • Can unapproved renovations render strata insurance invalid? That’s HERE. 

There will be plenty more on the Forum all week. Don’t forget to “subscribe” to your favourite topics to keep up with the latest exchanges. 

2 Replies to “From the Forum: Record readers prove every dog has its day”

  1. Avatar Silly Cow says:

    Re Dog weeing on balcony. Jimmy, of course this breaches the usual by-law about nuisance and at common law as well. I agree that the first step is to ensure the common property door is fixed by the committee (unless he is in Qld where it can be the owners’ responsibility). The next step is to get a dog wee mat and the third step is to ensure the drainpipes comply to avoid staining which again is the committee’s responsibility. Otherwise, he can wake up at 4am and take the dog out for a wee!

  2. Avatar Jimmy-T says:

    This is now being discussed in the Flat Chat Forum

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