From the Forum: Who pays when running repairs are left to rot?


Everybody knows that the owners corporation (body corporate) has to pay to repair and maintain common property (if you didn’t, you do now.) Oh, and by the way, YOU are the owners corp.

But did you know that you probably have a by-law that says owners have to look after – as in, not damage – the common property that’s inside their own apartment?

This week we hear a plaintive cry for an owner who has spent a fortune doing up her flat, only to find the owner of another lot needs repairs to their windows that would have cost a lot less if they’d been fixed when the problem first appeared three years ago, rather than being allowed to deteriorate.

Now, the question is, has the negligent owner contributed to the state of repair of the windows?

And if so, can they be obliged to pay more than their usual share of the levies to have them fixed? That’s HERE.

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