From the Forum: Rogue committee rides roughshod over rules


It’s been a while since we’ve had a forum post about a committee that’s gone “rogue” – making decisions without consulting other owners and awarding themselves all sorts of perks.

In this case, our Flatchatter tells us lot owners received  their first-ever minutes in  five years a couple of months ago, announcing that the committee had agreed to an estimate quote for tiling of the lobbies on each floor.

This came as a shock as the forward planning was for replacement carpet in two years time.

Then a decree was issued that owners were responsible for painting the walls and doors on their levels. This requires a by-law, since you ask, but that hasn’t prevented the chair from going ahead and completely changing the colour scheme on their level.

Meanwhile, the same committee members have installed parking spots on common property areas previously designated “no parking” but now locked by bollards and marked with committee members’ lot numbers.

Lot owners claim they have had no correspondence about these decisions before or after the events, and the secretary and strata manager are not responding to emails.

What can be done? A lot, actually, starting with demanding reversal of the decisions and ending with sacking the whole committee.  You can read all about it HERE.

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