From the Forum: Treasurer pumping cash for dubious rent of space


There are times when strata committee office-bearers get themselves into trouble for no good reason, like simply failing to keep their paperwork up to date.

And there are others when they get into a spot of bother by playing fast and loose with the law and, especially, the strata scheme’s finances.

Take the case that we were alerted to this week where the chair, secretary and treasurer of the committee (that’s one person, by the way) had pushed through a by-law awarding themselves $5000 a year for the rent of part of their lot as a pump room.

The problem is, a resident has checked the records and believes the pumps are on common property so no rent is due.

And when they write to the committee to ask to see the paperwork that shows the pumps are on lot property, neither the chair, secretary nor treasurer (still one person) replies.

Is this just a case of lost deeds, contracts and by-laws?  Or is the multi-tasking committee member paying themselves a wage for all their hard work (that they are not legally entitled to)?

Read the correspondence HERE and judge for yourself.

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