From the Forum: Washing woes as perfumes pollute upstairs pad


There are periodically so many discussions and debates about laundry on balconies that the issue has it’s own section in the Flat Chat Forum.

But it’s not the sight of laundry drying on balconies that gets to one Flatchatter, it’s the smell of the chemicals and perfumes used in the wash.

Being highly sensitive to perfumes and chemicals she complained, and asked her neighbours to stop hanging out their laundry where the fumes drift into her flat.

But now she feels like they have launched chemical warfare against her, since they’ve increased the number of times they hang out their washing.

Is there anything she can do as the laundry can’t be seen from the street so it’s not in breach of the by-laws?  There are some answers HERE.

Elswhere in the Forum, the Flatchatter have been hard at work sending in their head-scratchers:

  • Strata committee says a crumbling garden wall is common property but they won’t send anyone to fix it. That’s HERE.
  • Our block hasn’t had a pest inspection or treatment for five years.  Isn’t that a strata issue, looking after common property?  That’s HERE.
  • It’s one thing getting used to a new set of neighbouring tenants every six months or year – but a revolving door of residents every couple of weeks is a pain as they don’t know or care how the building works.  What can we do?  That’s HERE.
  • Can anyone explain why the wording of special resolution by-law votes confusingly reads “not more than 25 per cent against” rather than “not less than 75 per cent of votes for”? That’s HERE.
  • So far these Vic residents have fixed their own townhouses.  But now a couple have come up for sale and the new owners might want the owners corp – i.e. the other owners – to fix common property.  Can they bring in a by-law to make every owner from now on is responsible for everything to do with their lot?  That’s HERE.

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3 Replies to “From the Forum: Washing woes as perfumes pollute upstairs pad”

  1. mary says:

    This happened to me when staying at a friend’s place. She filled her machine so much with my clothing that the washing powder did not break down because there was not enough water in the machine. My clothes stank, could not wait to get home and wash them in enough water to break down the powder and wash, repeat, wash the clothing properly in plenty water.

  2. Jimmy-T says:

    This is now being discussed in the Flat Chat Forum

  3. mary says:

    BTW, it was a front loader washing machine..

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