From the Forum: Wired up for a power struggle


We tend to think of apartments as being shiny and new … but there are still a lot of old blocks out there that have been patched up and held together with gaffer tape and chewing gum as the needs of their residents have evolved.

The classic is the old wiring that was enough to power a few down lights and a steam radio when the block was first built, but now struggle to cope with TVs, phone chargers, washing machines and microwaves.

And that wiring, with all its extensions and add-ons, isn’t getting any younger. Pretty soon it will become a safety concern as well as an aesthetic issue.

This week a Flatchatter wants to know what to do when an owner wants the wiring in their flat replaced – including cables that have been added to the surface of the walls – and it’s partly in common property and partly in the lot.

Who pays when old wiring has not only to be replaced, but needs to be chased into the walls? That’s HERE.

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