Roundup: A funny thing happened in my building …


The last time I was on the James Valentine radio show (and if you missed it you can listen here) he commented that even though he enjoyed our monthly segments, afterwards he always felt a bit depressed.

True we were talking about aluminium cladding and the Grenfell fire, and we are usually fielding questions from people who have problems but, jeez, is apartment living really that bad?

And if it is, why am I still doing it after 30 years (and that’s just in Sydney)?  Surely, there must be some funny stories out there, to lighten the gloom.

Like the time the anti-pet lobby in our building read a letter from an old lady visitor complaining that she had been slobbered on by a dog in the lift.  The old lady turned out to be our pro-pet chairman’s mother.

Or the time someone at a meeting was going on about “little old ladies” and the person they were debating said “this has nothing to do with gender, age or size.”

Or the captains of industry who took their argument about which way the carpet should be hoovered – pile up or pile down –  all the way to the Supreme Court.

So come on, send us your funnies.  Email us at mail@flat-chat.com.au and put FUNNY in the subject line.  The best story might win a prize … or it might not, ‘cos I could just be joking.

Meanwhile, getting back to the serious business of the Flat Chat forum …

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By the time you read this there will be even more posts on the Flat Chat Forum. Don’t be a stranger!

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