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For those of you for whom too much Flat Chat isn’t enough, I leapt into the world of live podcasting this week when I was the guest on strata lawyer Amanda Farmer’s weekly “Happy Hour” session.

Amanda is the founder of yourstrataproperty.com.au, a web-based and online community of strata owners and professionals, and as well as being an eminent strata lawyer, she is the founder of the Women In Strata organisation.

Flatchatters can catch up with Friday’s session by checking out the Happy Hour Facebook page .

It had been a big week for media, with one of my regular slots on the James Valentine Afternoons on ABC Radio 702 on Wednesday.

If you missed it, an excerpt will be part of next week’s Flat Chat Wrap podcast with Sue Williams.

Speaking of which, you’ll find links to this week’s podcast – featuring an inspiring chat with fitness queen Shannon Cleary – elsewhere on this page.

Jeez, this working from home is exhausting. I really needed a drink by the time Happy Hour rolled around on Friday.

It was a lot of fun. Log in and judge for yourself.


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  1. PJ says:

    I want to know if it is mandatory for Strata committees to keep minutes of their meetings. I requested that minutes be taken for strata committee meetings and was informed by the secretary that they were informal meetings and no minutes were kept, but that they would put it to the committee. A majority vote from committee members were not in favour of minutes. I found this very frustrating as there is no reference to fall back on for issues and decisions and thus allows for things to be incorrectly recalled and changed. Appreciate input about this.

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