Heavy hitters line up for Strata Matters seminar


Clockwise from left: Building Commissioner David Chandler, Fair Trading director Kathy Townsend, Better regulation Minister Kevin Anderson, Fair Trading director Matt Whitton.

Efforts to curb dodgy developers and their farcical phoenixing frauds have been the focus of a lot of media coverage of late, but what does it all mean?

Are the efforts by the New South Wales government to implement substantial reforms in the apartment development industry actually making a difference?

Are they likely to likely to encourage potential buyers or do the many small victories simply remind us that there’s a problem to begin with and deter purchasers by highlighting the problems that exist, even while fixing them.

Is there likely to be any lasting effect on the public’s view of apartment living when Opal, Mascot and Grenfell towers loom large in the collective memory?

And are developers likely to find other ways of dodging their responsibilities or are we witnessing the seachange we’ve been waiting for, that will drive the cheats, crooks, frauds and failures out of business?

You can put those questions and any other relevant concerns to some of the government’s heaviest hitters when the Owners Corporation Network (OCN) holds its latest Strata Matters event, next month.

Hosted by yours truly, and supported by City of Sydney, the event will include a keynote address by Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation Kevin Anderson.

And there will also be contributions from NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler, Fair Trading’s Consumer Building & Property Director Matt Whitton, and Fair Trading Issues Resolution & Advisory Services Director Kathy Townsend.

They will cover the critical issues around building defects and cladding as well as changes to NSW strata living regulations, a topic that’s particularly timely with the NSW building reforms coming into effect from July 1.

There will also be a Q&A session to give audience members a chance to raise their most pressing concerns.

The July 1 reforms will see developers and builders held accountable for shonky work, explains OCN Executive Officer Karen Stiles.

“Strata is unique, and recent years have seen added burdens and stress for owners around the legacy of dodgy construction and non-compliant flammable cladding,” she explained. 

“We have been fierce advocates for the interests of owners and the need for the regulators to step up and ensure buyers are not left to carry the financial cost of shoddy workmanship and dangerous cladding products. 

“This event is a continuation of that process of advocacy and education, and we are very grateful to our speakers and supporters for making it possible.”

Previous OCN events have proven extremely valuable for committees, owners, and strata sector stakeholders, say organisers.

Strata Matters 2021 will be held on 20 July from 10am-2pm at the exclusive Kirribilli Club in Milsons Point, and refreshments and a light lunch are included in the ticket price.

Tickets (OCN members $50 plus GST, non-members $75 plus GST) are already selling fast. To purchase yours – just click HERE.

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