Help the people who help you

Ever since we started Rental Rants, I’ve had the link to the TenantsNSW websiteon a hotkey.

It’s where I go for definitive information about renting and is invaluable for both tenants and landlords who need to know their rights and responsibilities.

I was sniffing around the website in search of more information on the Tenants Rights Manual, launched by Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts on Monday (October 15th), when I discovered they are running out of money.

Part of the interest earned from banking your rental bond is supposed to pay for the Tenants Advisory and Advocacy Service, to give it its proper name.  But despite a surplus of more than $10 million last year, and a massive increase in the number of tenancies, there has been no increase in base funding for the TAAS for 10 years.

“Since 2002, there has been a 24 percent growth in the number of tenancies and a 25 percent growth in disadvantaged households in the rental market,” says their website. “Workloads over this period have increased by 45 percent. TAAS are stretched to breaking point.”

With the recent change in government in Queensland, their tenants’ advice service funding was cut – leading to the Federal government stepping in to pay for the service until June next year.

If you want to make sure that doesn’t happen in NSW too, find out how you can help the people who help you by voicing your support –  just go to their website and it will tell you everything you need to know.

And check out  the Tenants Rights Manual, which will also be available online from the end of next month.

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