Hot and bothered over kit-off Christmases

Summer is a-coming in, so it’s ‘kit-off’ time in Strataland, leading to potential source of Christmas holiday conflict … the standard by-law requiring residents to be ‘appropriately dressed’ on common property.

Many years ago the Herald reported that a female tenant got into trouble for sunbathing topless on the roof of her apartment block, in breach of that very by-law.

At the ensuing tribunal, the building’s representatives were asked if men were allowed to sunbathe with their shirts off and was told that they were.

Strata by-laws can’t supersede state or national legislation, so the tribunal ruled that refusing a woman permission to sunbathe shirtless was discriminatory and the by-law could not be used to make her cover up.

Having encountered all sorts of weird and less than wonderful sights over the years, I wonder what’s appropriate these days, especially in ‘resort-style’ buildings.

Call me ‘fattist’ but the slim and trim sunbaking by the pool wearing less fabric than a pirate’s eyepatch are fine; a bare beergut bulging over saggy Speedos in the lift, not so much.

There must be a happy medium. What’s acceptable undressing and what gets folk hot and bothered in your building?

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