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shutterstock_314916371It’s been another busy week on the Forum with all sorts of curly questions coming our way and, of course, the collective wisdom of the Flat Chat brains trust casting light into the darker corners of strata living.

Will a local council pay any attention to an owners corp if an owner wants to run an Airbnb holiday let and a by-law banning short-term lets would not be valid?  That’s HERE.

If rental agents will be banned from joining an executive committee after the new laws come in what happens between then and the next AGM?  Can they still act as committee members?

What do you do about common property that has become too unsafe to use but the owners corp won’t raise the funds to repair it? That’s HERE.

Can the Owners Corp pass responsibility for repairs to common property to individual owners?  A lawyers says it needs a unanimous vote.  We say, not so.

With so many people running home offices these days,  when are you breaking the rules on running a business from home? That’s HERE.

And finally a strata resident kept awake by phantom tinklers visiting the bathroom upstairs asks how he can raise the issue, while Flatchatters discuss what they might do to avoid annoying the neighbours on late night trips to the loo. That’s HERE.

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