Hot-wired for hot-bunking

On the subject of over-crowding and hot-bunking, how do all these people get into the buildings when Executive Committees start restricting the number of electronic keys available?

OK, when there’s someone else at home you just buzz the apartment number and ask to be let in.  Or you have a secret ‘key drop’ for when everyone’s out.

But hot-bunkers in a block in central Sydney have a very hi-tech solution. They have attached mobile phones to the electronic triggers on the intercoms that open the apartment block doors and allow lift access to their floors.

The person who wants in just arrives at the front door and rings the phone number provided and, hey presto (or Ho Telstra, perhaps), they have access.

This is not rocket science; if TV shows and movies are to be believed, it’s terrorists’ preferred method of detonating bombs. And it’s not great for the overall security of the building when the tenants move on but hang on to the phone number.

But it does give us an idea of how ingenious people can be when they are faced with any ‘old technology’ attempts to restrict their movement. Keys? Pull-eeze!

Nothing will change until there are clear limits on the number of people allowed to live in a flat depending on its size and the number of habitable rooms – and landlords face criminal charges for breaching those rules.

Does your building have any ingenious ways of defeating the flat-stackers cramming ever more tenants into Sydney apartments? Log in HERE and let us know.

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