Roundup: Our new look and your new questions


What do you think of our new look? It’s the same Flat Chat passions (and obsessions) as far as content is concerned, only it looks a bit more modern and the posts are more accessible.

Flat Chat has been badly in need of a tidy-up for a while, both it terms of its look and the nuts and bolts under the bonnet. It was getting slow and unreliable and was originally designed back in the days when people used phones for talking to each other – and that’s about it.

So this is what we have arrived at.  We reckon it feels cleaner but busier at the same time. But, much more importantly, what do you think? Seriously, we’d love to get your feedback on the look and, more importantly, the usability of the website.

Is there something you used to be able to do but can’t any more?  Is something trickier than it was before?

Let us know at mail@flat-chat.com.au or post a comment here and we’ll try to fix it as quickly as we can.  Why?  Because without you, we are nothing.

And just to prove that point, Flatchatters have been offering fixes to a range of problems posted on the Flat Chat Forum and they reveal all aspects of our strata life – from the bullying developers who won’t let go of their properties to “spend-nothing” owners, desperate to avoid the consequences of having skimped on maintenance funds for decades.

Here’s just a taste of this week’s posts:

  • When is visitor parking not visitor parking? That’s HERE.
  • Who pays to even things up when Common Property repairs create a big bump in my balustrade? That’s HERE.
  • What do you do when developers hold more than 25 percent of the voting power and won’t allow you to change by-laws that favour only them? That’s HERE.
  • What happens when “spend-nothing” owners sell out to avoid a special levy for maintenance? That’s HERE.
  • My daughter’s 60s flat has never had fire compliance checks – should we be worried? That’s HERE.

2 Replies to “Roundup: Our new look and your new questions”

  1. Faraway girl says:

    Fantastic work on the website. Looks and behaves like a real professional. It’s easy to use, looks interesting so congratulations.

  2. rudy2shoes says:

    Good look… much cleaner. Congratulations on the upgrade.
    Please do keep me on your list to receive your emails/newsletters etc.
    With a ‘dysfunctional Strata’ receiving vital information has kept me sane knowing that I am correct on so many issues.

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