Roundup: Law and order – strata style


You’ve probably heard that the new strata laws will do away with the silly rule that meant, strictly speaking, you had to get a special resolution by-law to hammer a nail into a common property wall.

But did you know that, for the first time, they outline the procedures you must go through if you want to renovate your apartment?

Yes, now there are procedures! And I’ll be going into them in detail in next week’s column.

There’s a lot in the new legislation to get our heads around. For instance, are you across the new rules on proxies?  What about pets?  And parking? And all the other 90 changes in the laws coming in on November 30.

Now, we will be running a quiz later this week so you can find out how much you really know. But in the meantime, our friends at OCN have already taken nearly 100 bookings for their seminar on October 17.

The evening will be presented by strata specialist lawyer, Amanda Farmer at the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts in the Mitchell Theatre.

It will comprise a 60-minute presentation, with a refreshment break, followed by 45-minute Q&A. It costs $15 for OCN members and $30 for non-members and you will have to book here on the OCN website.

Book now – places are limited and they are filling up fast.

Meanwhile, it’s been a couple of weeks since we had a Forum round-up and there’s a few tricky topics testing the collective knowledge of the Flat Chat brains trust.

  • We all know child-safe window locks are a good idea, but can your strata manager charge you for a ‘certificate of safety’? That’s HERE.
  • Where in the laws does it say Owners Corporations can sell common property? That’s HERE.
  • Where can you find a professional strata manager course? That’s HERE.
  • How do you create your own sinking fund plan? That’s HERE.
  • The ACT’s brilliantly simple mediation to adjudication system. We want it!  That’s Item 2 HERE.
  • And here are a couple of cries for help. Someone wants to know what to write to complain about noise from a hard floor above – that’s HERE.  And another Flat Chatter wants to know how to seceded from their strata scheme – that’s HERE.

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