Lazy parkers face eviction

QUESTION: Our apartment block has external garages accessed by common property,  Tenants park outside their garages – presumably because they can’t be bothered to enter.

However, because we are right at the end, next to a brick wall and have a large car, the vehicle parked next to our garage makes it next to impossible to get in and out.

We have asked the neighbours nicely not to park there but they basically say tough luck and that they will move their car whenever we need to get in and out. Obviously this is not on and against the by-laws. What do we do to resolve this problem? – Redcap (via Forum)

ANSWER: What your neighbours think is a minor inconvenience to you could turn out to be major inconvenience to them. Being in breach of the by-laws, they will also be in breach of their lease and could be evicted.

If they persist, ask your Executive Committee or Strata Manager to issue a Notice To Comply. If they ignore that, they face substantial fines to a maximum of $5,500 from the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal and eviction by their landlords.

Or cut this out and tuck it under their windscreen wipers. That should get their attention.

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