Logins and lock-outs: Keeping you safe from cyber-baddies

Just a quick note to anyone who has recently been enduring the frustrations of trying to register and login to the site.  We’ve all been locked out and tripped up at some point but I think we’re on top of it now.

Why was this happening?

You only have to read the newspaper or, indeed, your computer, tablet or smartphone news to know that the webisphere is inhabited by all sorts of nasties, from cyberspies to hackers to spammers and trolls.

It’s our responsibility to protect you from the worst of these, as best we can, but occasionally we trip ourselves up and the website locks out all the goodies as well as the baddies.

So, while you were all chomping on chocolate eggs this Easter weekend, we were upside down under the bonnet of the computer trying to make the log-in and registration processes as safe and easy for you as we could.

I won’t go into the details here – you can go to this link for that – but suffice it to say, everything is working quicker, easier and better than ever … unless just writing that has put a hex on the whole thing.

If it has, and you need help, write to us at mail@flat-chat.com.au.  Otherwise give the instructions a quick read and join us.


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