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At a time when we are all worried about work, or the lack of it, or where we can do it, or going back to it, plus our own health and the wellbeing of our friends, families and neighbours in strata, it can all get a bit overwhelming.

Normally this website is focussed on the nuts and bolts of strata living, with the occasional foray into micro-local politics. Today we’re stepping back and looking at the inner conflicts that beset us all from time to time.

Our sponsors, Lannock Finance want to offer all FlatChatters access to a series of Mindset Training webinars. 

They have partnered with Collective Mind, an organisation that has trained high-end sporting  teams – for instance Sydney Rabbitohs in the year that they won the premiership –  front-line ambulance crews, banks, the defence force, carers of people dying from Motor Neuron Disease and corporate leadership teams. 

There are four weekly seminars in the program, each consisting of an hour presentation with half an hour for questions.

Collective Mind’s approach to our current situation is that our world has changed suddenly and significantly, leading to increased stress, anxiety, loneliness and fear.

However, their view is that with the right mindset, we can navigate through this, and these webinars will upgrade your mindset and give you a toolbelt of strategies and responses to reach for in high pressure situations.

For instance, one of the webinars, “Mindset Mastery During A Pandemic – How To Be The Calm In The Chaos”, offers the following: 

  • How the brain responds to fear and how to create calm
  • Managing difficult emotions and staying connected
  • Keeping your mind resilient and focused on what it can control
  • Key practices to regulate your stress and boost your immune system

If that sounds a bit “out there”, at both George Weston Foods and 3M, there was a 65% take-up rate from employees and 90% said they appreciated of the company supporting them in this way.

Lannock is prepared to pay for all FlatChatters to attend these courses completely free of charge. The seminars will start on Thursday, June 11 at 12.30 and run each Thursday for four weeks.

There’s no cost or long-term commitment involved. You can find out more about Collective Mind its people and clients at www.collectivemind.com.au and you can download a PDF with links to register for the webinars HERE.

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