From the Forum: Noisy neighbours trample by-laws underfoot


Noisy neighbours have been keeping the Flat Chat Forum awake for the past week.

In one case it’s a couple who put down a timber floor without permission  – yes, that old chestnut – seriously disturbing the peace of their downstairs neighbours.

Pleas to re-lay carpet and underlay – the only truly effective sound insulation in an old building – have fallen on deaf ears and the committee members aren’t interested … mainly because it doesn’t affect them.

So, it is OK to enhance the look and value of your apartment at the expense of someone else?  No, of course it isn’t, and we explain what can be done about it  HERE.

Then there’s the tenants living below another family who let their kids run around in the car park, talk loudly at all hours and throw water on to the balcony below when they’re cleaning theirs.

The rental agent and the committee aren’t interested.  What can you do about it?  Quite a lot, actually, but first you have to decide what outcome you want. That’s HERE.

A constant stream of strangers turning up with suitcases has alerted resident to the probability that several flats in their building have been sub-let as short-term holiday lets, possibly without the owners even being aware.

Is the existing by-law that says residents must abide by the development approval that bans holiday lets enough? Or should a new by-law be passed?  And how can you prove that the flats are being let illegally?  That’s HERE?

At last, albeit from WA, we find a ruling that strata managers may NOT withhold the email addresses of owners in your building when other owners request them.  Look on page 3 HERE. By the way, my media contact bouncing between Fair Trading and Justice still hasn’t got an answer for NSW.

Finally, how do you go about choosing an auditor and how much should they cost?  That’s HERE.

And, of course, there are all the ongoing discussions and debates – plus a few new ones – that you will find on the Flat Chat Forum.

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    This is now being discussed in the Flat Chat Forum

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