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Is Australian the only country in the eorld that doesn’t “get” electric vehicles?

In the same week that GMC announce their new electric Hummer in the USA, (0-100kph in 3 seconds), one of Australia’s cheapest electric cars – the Renault Zoe – has had its plug pulled after just 63 were sold over the past three years.

Now that could be because, according to our resident EV expert Sir Humphrey, the Zoe didn’t come with a fast charging option as standard. However, the French manufacturer is blaming Australia’s lack of support for electric vehicles.

However, not everyone has given up on the electric dream and you can discover how crucial fast charging is (or isn’t) at the Owners Corporation Network (OCN) free online webinar on EVs and their potential impact on strata schemes, at lunchtime on December 2.

Despite current slow sales, the OCN says there’s “a real buzz about the growing uptake of Electric Vehicles (EVs) as part of the transition to a low-carbon Australia.”

As a result, they say, many OCN members have been asking what this will mean for strata communities and owners corporations in terms of who is responsible for EV charging facilities and how to get ready for their installation.

“The bottom line is – it is not a question of if EV Charging will be necessary, it is a question of when.

OCN says its December 2 online webinar on will answer some of the big questions and provide an overview of what OCs and strata owners need to know.

“OCN members will hear from an expert panel discussing the myths and realities of EVs and EV Charging, and learn about a simple and straightforward phased-approach for OCs to consider,” says their website.

“You’ll also learn about the different factors that need to be considered to determine what will be right for your building, whether it’s a small building or a strata community with hundreds of residents. 

“The webinar will also include a case study of a new modular approach to EV Charging.  Gain some insights from what OCN and others have been doing to simplify the shift.”

This live webinar is free for members and non-members  but post-event recording will be available to OCN members only via the Member Portal.

Members can download OCN’s guide on EV Charging in Apartment Buildings here. (Guide Number 9).

Register for the Webinar here

Meanwhile, Renault Australia executives blamed a lack of government incentives for the non-interest in the Zoe, even though it was already one of the cheapest electric cars on sale, priced from $47,490 plus on-road costs.

They have a point, according to this article, Australia lags way behind Europe in offering subsidies to electric cars, which would go part way to explaining why only 5000 electric cars were sold in Australia last year, compared to 25 times that number in Europe.

And, says the Caradvice website, over the same period, Australians bought two-and-a-half times more Rolls-Royces (158), seven times as many Lamborghinis (457), and 12 times as many Ferraris (818) than Renault Zoe electric cars.

Oh and you can buy a Renault Zoe for more the $10,000 off at $36,000 … if you’re quick.

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