Free webinar to address renovation frustrations


Renovations are still all the rage despite the pandemic, and they are likely to increase once the Covid-19 lockdown shackles are off.

As well as being obsessively popular subjects for TV programs they are also one of the areas where even the best intentioned and most by-law-abiding strata citizens can find themselves in strife.

That’s why the Owners Corporation Network (OCN) is running an online webinar for anyone planning or even just considering a renovation, as well as those who may be faced with issuing approvals … or not!

The webinar, on Wednesday September 29, from 1pm to 2pm, will address the many and varied potential points of conflict.

  • What is common property and how much can you change it (if at all)?
  • When do you need by-laws and what should they contain?
  • Can the owners corp really restrict your hours of work and demand a bond against possible damage?
  • Can a blanket one-size-fits-all by-law be created or do you need to draw up a new one for every renovation?
  • When can an owners corporation delegate approvals to the strata committee?
  • How would that be done?

This on-line event will help answer these questions and more.

You’ll hear from owners about their experiences, get insights from a legal expert and learn about OCN’s pro forma renovation by-law.

This OCN webinar is free of charge thanks in part to support from City of Sydney.

However post-event recording and documentation will only be made available to OCN members.

You can join OCN from just $66 incl GST for individual membership – details here.

Otherwise you can register for the event HERE.

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