Celebrate Dog Day by adopting rather than shopping for a pet


Did you know last Monday (August 26) was International Dog Day? No, me neither.

But last week the media office for NSW Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock sent out a press release urging us to “adopt not shop” a new dog, in recognition of the big day (the date of which they forgot to mention).

Anyway, the date has passed but the need to take dogs out of animal shelters –  rather than pumping money into puppy farms – is still there.  FYI, International Cat Day was on August 8 – and they need homes too.

So here is the press release, unedited and without comment (except, for “hey – put the date in next time!”)

The NSW Government and the RSPCA have joined forces ahead of International Dog Day to encourage prospective dog owners to ‘adopt not shop’ for their new pet.

Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock and RSPCA CEO Steve Coleman said the worldwide celebration of man’s best friend was the perfect time to welcome a rescue dog into your home.

“I encourage anyone thinking about welcoming a dog into their lives to visit an RSPCA shelter, a NSW council pound, or one of the many approved rehoming organisations across the State to rescue an animal in desperate need of a home,” Mrs Hancock said.

“As an incentive for people to adopt rescue pets, the NSW Government continues to provide halfprice lifetime pet registration fees.

“Since 2015, 43,000 pet owners have saved a total of nearly $1.2 million in reduced pet registration fees.”

Mr Coleman said the RSPCA cares for more than 45,000 animals across NSW each year with its Yagoona facility alone responsible for 15,000 cat and dog adoptions annually.

“If you have decided that you have the time in your life to care for a fur baby, then consider adopting from an RSPCA shelter first,” Mr Coleman said. “By doing this, you are not only giving a dog or puppy a second chance but we can match you with the perfect pet for your family situation.”

Mrs Hancock said all pet owners could help reduce the numbers of dogs and cats ending up in pounds and shelters.

“The easiest way to reduce the numbers of lost and unclaimed dogs needing to be rehomed is to follow the three easy steps of responsible pet ownership – microchipping, de-sexing and registering your pet,” she said.

“Keeping contact details up to date on the NSW Pet Registry also helps ensure a joyful reunion should your beloved cat or dog be lost, stolen or injured.”

For more information visit the NSW Pet Registry and RSPCA websites.

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