Picked on for drop-offs

QUESTION: I  rent a townhouse  where, because of limited spaces in our parking lot at the back,  most of us tend to park at our front doors, on common property. There’s plenty of room for other cars to pass.

I park there because I don’t want to leave my small kids unattended and out of sight while I bring in the shopping.

Now I have received a warning letter saying I have broken by-laws about parking on common property and blocking other peoples garage.

I want to ask strata for permission to park on common property in front of my front door. Can I do this? I don’t want any more warning letters or a fine. – PinkPurple (via Forum)

ANSWER: It sounds like your Owners Corporation is clamping down on illegal parking so I doubt very much if they will give you permission to park there as it could soon become a free-for-all.

But you could get your landlord and other owners to ask the OC to create a drop-off zone where people can park briefly while they load and unload. That way you’re providing a solution rather than creating a problem.

Meanwhile, remember, if you are in breach of by-laws your are breaching your lease.

This topic is discussed in much greater detail -and it’s a much bigger issue – here

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