Podcast 72 – Move it … while the politicians lose it


Are you a gym junkie, hanging out for those palaces of pain, sweat and tears to re-open?

Or are you just coming to the gradual conclusion that binge-watching TV while binge-eating corn chips and guacamole will come with a reckoning (somewhere around your waistline), some day soon.

Well, if you’re going to get moving, there’s no time like the present – and time may be something of which you have plenty. So this week the podcast looks at the kind of exercise you could and probably should be doing in these plague-ridden days.

Top fitness trainer Shannon Cleary Zooms in to roadtest a few home fitness programs for us and looks at some streaming exercise videos available online for no money! You can find links to the videos HERE.

And she recalls who the somewhat surprising keenest audience was for her morning exercise show when she used to be on the telly.

Scathing report

Before we get down to that, this week’s podcast takes a look at a report issued last week in which the NSW government is taken to task over a raft of alleged failures directly related to apartment living.

JimmyT and Sue consider why a scathing analysis of perceived failures in the areas of flammable cladding, certification and building defects barely rated a mention in the Press.

OK, we have a global pandemic in full swing but does every story have to be about coronavirus?

Apparently so (and we are just as guilty of that as anyone).  So you can expect the Upper House report has already found it’s way to a “nobody cares” file somewhere in Macquarie St.

You’ll find our comprehensive story on the report HERE.

Live auctions return

Finally, Sue tells us what a difference it will make to the world of real estate when live auctions and open homes return this weekend. You can read her story HERE.

And she’ll explain how she accidentally turned her parents into addicts during the lockdown.

It’s all in the Flat Chat Wrap podcast. And you can listen right here.

Listen here

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