Podcast 73 – stressed pets, property prices … plus James Valentine


It’s an extra long Flat Chat Wrap this week, so strap yourselves in.

First of all, there’s a discussion about how our pets could be getting stressed from getting too much attention.

Apparently dogs and, especially, cats just need to be left alone sometimes, especially when they aren’t used to you hanging around the house all day.

Resist the temptation to pat your napping cat on the head every time you walk past, says Sue Williams.

And, of course, sleeping dogs should be left to lie.

Then we have a chunk of JimmyT’s session on James Valentine last week, where issues like people installing cameras that look on to other residents property came up.

By the way,  the answer that we didn’t get to (courtesy of Amanda Farmer, whose weekly podcast Jimmy was also on last week), was that you can pass a by-law forbidding owners from training cameras across common property, even when they’re installed on their lot properties.

There was also a question about the height of balcony balustrades in older buildings – do you have to bring them up to code?

And a tenant wanted to know if he had to move furniture from his car space when owners were allowed to have junk in theirs.

You can also listen to the unadulterated version of James’ radio show from last Wednesday (May 6) on the ABC website HERE.  

Finally, Sue  put on her property writer hat to discuss whether now is a good time to buy an apartment … or should we wait until prices drop even more?  You can read her story in Domain HERE.

So much to listen to – just as well we can’t go to work!

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