Podcast: Chatting flats with “mighty” Rod Quinn


In this week’s podcast we have kind of hijacked the Rod Quinn “Talking Points” segment for his ABC Overnight show on radio last week – featuring Flat Chat’s very own JimmyT talking strata with people from all over Australia,

In may ways, this is a podcast within a podcast, in that we have grabbed the segment with Jimmy in it and slotted it into our format, but you will still hear all the ABC titles and credits so there’s no mistaking that this is Rod’s show.

Oh, and did we mention that Jimmy got up at 4 am to do this?

What did they talk about at that ungodly hour?  Opal cracks, flammable cladding, over-development and certification – all the usual stuff.

But then ABC listeners called in and asked questions like, what can you do when Uber drivers insist on leaving your communal garage door open.  It seems these part-time cabbies share a flat with a dozen others. There are so many potential breaches – even in Darwin – you barely know where to start.

And that’s just for starters.  It’s a long podcast so put your feet up and enjoy.

Oh, and if you want to hear more from Rod, you’ll find his podcasts here: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/overnights/episodes/

Meanwhile, here’s the Flat Chat Wrap, Ep11


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  1. jacksonbrown49@hotmail.com says:

    Hello Jimmy ,i go out walking at 3 am , Qld time ,yes true and i always are accompanied by my faithful radio and headphones ,i was lucky enough to hear the broadcast, it was very informative and hopefully we may hear you again sometime as it was very enjoyable ,thank you .

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