Podcast: Comedy, coffee and a new way of renting


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Were going flat out to lift the gloom in this week in the Flat Chat Wrap.

First we go behind the scenes of the much heralded and long-awaited (by JimmyT, anyway) Podcom – podcast sitcom – which we are now calling Hyperbole Towers.

Why “Hyperbole?” Because every new apartment block has some sort of exaggerated name, although not always creating the image the developers might hope for.

For instance, we think The Babylon, for all its gardens, might conjure up slightly sleazier images, especially in the minds of fans of the TV series Babylon Berlin, if not Kenneth Aunger’s scandalous Hollywood Babylon.

Anyway, Hyperbole Towers is a much tamer affair, although it’s more Number 96 than Fawlty Towers.  You can find out more about it and listen to the episode right here.

Bean me up

Then we continue the “kick back and relax” theme with a visit to Frankie’s Beans coffee bar and café in Darlinghurst where Fern tells us what it’s like to run a café  in a large apartment block during a Covid-19 lockdown.

After that we take a trip to Sydney Olympic Park where two of the four towers of a new development are  given over to “build to rent”.  What does that mean?  One landlord, longer leases, on-site maintenance and pets, among other attractions.


Finally Sue’s Hey Martha is about the little dog that travelled through several countries to be reunited with its owners.

And Jimmy looks at the Sydney Morning Herald’s series on the “social experiment’ in Sydney’s Waterloo and why residents are angry at plans to demolish 2000 old homes and replace them with 6000 new ones.

And finally, there’s a call out to our listeners to get involved by sending us questions as audio tracks that we can include, and answer, on the podcast.

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