PODCAST 59 – Fire and rain, gym hijackers and paying for repairs


In this week’s podcast, with the East Coast states of Australia only just having survived the bushfires, we are now dealing with torrential rain and floods.

Sue has contacted the big property insurers to discover an astonishing amount of damage claims had been lodged as early as Monday morning after the weekend storms.

And we examine what can go wrong in apartment blocks despite a feeling of being “above it all”.

‘This is when you discover how well your block really has been built,” Jimmy says, with one expert musing that, when you have horizontal rain in these quantities, something is bound to give.

Later in the podcast, Jimmy and Sue discuss under what circumstances it’s okay for personal trainers (PTs) to use common property gyms for their clients.

Inspired by this issue on the Forum, they look at the three basic circumstances under which you might find a PT in your gym.  One is fine, another is definitely not on but a third is borderline.

But is a resident PT using the gym for commercial purposes really any different from an Airbnb host offering your shared facilities as part of their holiday rental package?

Finally, we look at this Forum question of who pays for repairs and lost rent when your owners corporation needs to dig up your bathroom to fix a common property pipe.

And before we go, take a listen to James Taylor’s Fire and Rain a tiny taste of which opens this week’s podcast.

And, if you need cheering up, after all the real fire and rain that we’ve endured,  watch him with his updated version on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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