PODCAST: Silly by-laws to sex orgies – a strata manager reveals all


When Flat Chat started about 15 years ago, strata managers were (we thought) public enemy number one.  And it’s more than likely the feeling was mutual.

We won’t go into a rehearsal of why that was, suffice it to say that things have changed … a lot.

The industry has become more professional, standards have been raised and the quality of service – and mutual respect between strata managers and you, their clients – has gone up by leaps and bounds.

OK, there are still some rogues out there and Fair Trading is pathetically weak when it comes to the tiny minority that gives the rest of the industry the lingering taint of a bad name.

To date, I don’t think there has ever been a single strata manager who has been “struck off” for being really crap at their job.

But this week, let’s not dwell on the negative when there are so many positives. In the podcast, I have long chat with Tim Sara – one of the senior strata managers with Strata Choice.

Tim talks about the major challenges facing owners corporations, the successes he’s enjoyed and the disappointments he’s endured.

He discusses why he thinks all committee members should be given a checklist of things they really should know and why office-bearers should be required to take some compulsory training if they want to stay in place after a couple of years.

He talks about the difference between managing a large block where most people have never lived in strata before, compared to a small but dysfunctional one, where everybody has entrenched views (which would you choose?).

He explains why he thinks strata committee members should be paid for their work (but only if they’ve had some sort of training) and what owners should do as soon as they move into their new block.

He has some scathing opinions about NCAT and the “luck of the draw” when you take a complaint there.

And, he gives a completely different impression of what the new breed of strata managers are like, especially compared to the “bad old days”.

Have a listen.  It’s very enlightening and a lot of fun.

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