Podcast: I spy with my little … camera


Sometimes it’s the silliness of strata that gets to you.  That’s not to say we don’t take it seriously here, it’s just that you occasionally have to wonder at the issues that get people riled up.

This week, I settled down for a chat with my regular sparring partner Sue Williams to talk about what YOU, the Flatchatters, have been discussing in the Forum.

Shoes in lift lobbies kicked off the chat (pun intended) and Sue is much more pro shoes-off than even I am.

Then we moved on to people installing surveillance cameras to spy on each other. Maybe spying is over-stating it. People watching? Enhancing your security?

Whatever it is, we were wondering what it is that makes people want to watch other people, usually when they aren’t even aware of it.

Are there valid reasons for setting up a personal surveillance camera looking on to your lift lobby?  Well, yes, we decided, but they might not be entirely legal.

And finally we looked into the whole naming and shaming issue. Strata committees casually name residents who have fallen behind in their levies or have merely suggested something with which the chair or secretary disagrees.

Is it a valid way to prompt action in the first instance?  What if they have a reason for having fallen behind in their payments, and the “naming and shaming” is just adding to their burden.

And does exploring all the arguments of why Joe Strata’s idea is stupid wrong and expensive – without airing all the reasons in favour – simply deter discussion (and is that the intent?).

The good news is that very little deters discussion in the Flat Chat Wrap podcast. You can listen to it right here.

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