Podcast 64: New rent laws but same old story with point-scoring pollies


In this week’s Podcast, Jimmy and Sue examine the plusses and minuses in the new NSW rental laws, which tilt things in tenants’ favour but don’t go all the way.

For instance, tenants will be able to make changes to their rented properties – subject to approval that can’t reasonably be refused – and they’ll be able to demand minimum standards of habitation.

They’ll know what their break fees will be if they choose to end the lease and leave early, and they’ll have to be informed about anything significant regarding the property’s history – like, if it had previously been used to manufacture drugs (the example Fair Trading uses).

And landlords will have to show them their apartment building’s by-laws BEFORE they sign the lease for a flat.

But there will still be the option of no-cause termination of leases for the landlords, who will only be required to give notice if they decide they want the tenant out for any reason – like, if they want to get another tenant in so they can put the rent up a lot.

The old “my brother is getting married and needs somewhere to live” story will still be available as an excuse to evict the tenants so the landlord can charge the next residents a higher rent.

That might even be more the case with the new laws limiting rent rises to one per year for ongoing tenancies.

You’ll find a rundown of the whole comprehensive law changes HERE.

Meanwhile we also look at why the NSW Liberals backed away from a law that would ban developers from being elected to local councils. [Spoiler Alert! It’s party politics.] If you recall the original  story a couple of weeks ago, the NSW Libs were about to thwart the Right in their party room and bring in a long overdue law. Now Labor have been trying to get in on the act.

And we look at how the coronavirus is changing all our lives, and not always for the worse.  But first we have to cope with all the confusion and contradictions as different experts recommend different things … and then the politicians get involved.

All that and more in this week’s extra-long edition of the Flat Chat Wrap.

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