Podcast: Backpackers and levy dodgers with James Valentine


Every month or so, JimmyT takes Flat Chat to the airwaves as a guest on Afternoons with James Valentine on ABC 702.

This week James and Jimmy crammed a lot into the half-hour segment. On top of a discussion about the new strata minister and the Labor Party plans for strata that withered on the electoral vine, he answered questions about:

  • Who pays when long-term backpacker renters damage common property?
  • Is a bathroom vent fan in the roof of a townhouse common property – meaning the owners corporation has to repair ir – or lot property, meaning it’s the lot owner’s responsibility?
  • What do you do when a disgruntled former committee member won’t pay their levies?
  • What’s the difference between strata insurance and home and content insurance?
  • What do you do when a boundary fence falls on an expensive car and the owners corp refuses to claim against strata insurance.

And does an apartment owner need council approval to remove a wall in their flat?

You can hear all of that HERE on JV’s afternoon show.

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