StrataKops and Airbnb



You’re always hesitant in this game to claim that you have a regular slot, anywhere, doing anything.  Or you should be – it’s usually a guaranteed precursor to getting the hook.

But I guess after almost 10 years of guesting on James Valentine’s Afternoons on ABC radio, I can say that, yes, I do get an occasional 25 minutes of radio fame.

So, for those of you who miss it, I am now posting podcasts or, as those of us who can remember when radios had valves call them, “recordings” of these and other radio spots.

I’m on with James again at 2.00pm on Monday, March 13.  But if you can’t wait till then, click in the link above to hear last month’s episode when we discussed new strata laws, proxy farming, StrataKops and Airbnb (yawn).

And, of course, took a few calls from listeners and tried not to panic when they asked tricky questions.

Enjoy. And if you have any technical issues hearing this, email us and we’ll try to help (but we’re not promising anything).

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