PODCAST 53 – a very happy, quirky Christmas


PODCAST 53 – a very happy, quirky Christmas
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Last week’s podcast was such a gloomy affair, looking back at a pretty grim 2019, at least in strata terms, that we thought we’d lighten the mood a little by recalling some of the happier, quirkier moments of the year.

It was certainly a happier year for pet owners with a series of Tribunal decisions that overturned “no pet” by-laws.  How those decisions will ultimately pan out – two of the big ones are likely to be appealed – remain to be seen.

But there’s more than pet ownership at stake.  The very question of whether or not we can set rules for our communities is called into question and that could affect everything from noise to smoking on balconies to maybe even Airbnb.

Yes, we know NSW is about to get new laws saying we can pass by-laws banning short-term holiday letting from our blocks.  But how long will it be before some selfish “entrepreneur” decides this is “harsh and discriminatory”?

On a lighter note, we recall the Sydney building manager who built a secret underground cave in a car park, where he slept and watched his neighbours on CCTV, while accumulating goods purloined from their storage cages.

Before he was caught – given away by the sound of his washing machine – some residents found it creepy that he always seemed to be around.  Others took a different view: “he’s always here when we need him… it’s great.”

Penultimately, we take a look at costs orders and why your strata committee can’t just issue them for alleged breaches of by-laws.

And finally, there’s our Christmas poem, all about how the most dysfunctional strata committee in Australia decided to ban Christmas.

That’s all in our last podcast for the year.  Enjoy … and have a merry Christmas.

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