Revealed – the top ten most expensive dogs


Considering Flat Chat pretty much owes its existence to pets, maybe we should give them a little more space on our pages.

Just to explain, we moved into a new building about 15 years ago, having been told it would be pet friendly, only to have the newly elected chairman announce at the first AGM that the by-laws would be changed to ban pets.

This started a bitter battle in the building, uniting all the pet owners and accidentally resulting in the exposure of all sorts of dodgy behaviour at every level, leading to the overthrow of the committee, the sacking of the building manager and strata managers … and the acceptance of pets.

Those travails led to the publication of a book about apartment living, which led to a newspaper column and here we are. Today, the proud parent to two demanding moggies, I see a lot of neighbourly interaction that is initiated entirely by curiosity about the animals.

In the past few years we’ve had everything from a Great Dane (honest!) to chihuahuas in the block.  The current trend is to pugs and French Bulldogs (and don’t you ever dare confuse the two).

Some of the dogs are Bitzers but many are pre-bred pooches that makes me wonder how much people are paying for the four-legged friends.

Pet Insurance Australia has done some impressive digging to find out who tops the list of the most expensive dogs to buy in 2018.

Like fancy cars, expensive handbags and jewellery, they say, the type of dog breed you own is fast becoming something of a social status, with many new breeds coming to light promising fewer allergies and better looks.

The cost of the dog will also depend on the quality of breeding, and what you intend to use your dog for. Show dogs or those intended for breeding and continuing a prized bloodline are normally much pricier in comparison to companion and house dogs.

In China the dog breed prestige was taken to new heights with one particular dog being sold for just over $2 million Australian dollars.

What is this multi-million dollar dog? In Australia the rise of the very popular French Bulldog has seen puppy prices skyrocket. But where does the cute Frenchie fall on the pooch price scale.  Here are the top ten dogs – by price – with description provided by Pet Insurance Australia.

By the way, as you will see from the descriptions, some of these breeds really don’t belong in unit blocks at any price … but others make perfect apartment pooches.

Number 10

Yorkshire Terriers

As one of the most popular toy breeds around, the Yorkshire Terrier is certainly a popular canine companion around the world. Their lovely carefree nature and loyalty makes them a wonderful addition to any loving home. They will not only cost you anywhere from $2,000 upwards, depending on your breeder, they will also need professional attention from a qualified groomer.

Number 9



The loyal and loving Rottweiler is a popular amongst many dog lovers. Their strong stature and beautiful nature make them a family winner and an outright breed favourite in many countries. Depending on where you reside, your chosen breeder and what you intend to use your dog for (breeding/showing etc), the Rotty could set you back an impressive $6,000!

Number 8


This beautiful sighthound is well-known as one of the ‘supermodels’ of the dog world. This quiet and loving canine campion is sure to turn heads down at the local park. They need a good dose of training and care, as their desire to run and ‘give chase’ is unbearably strong. So too is the breeds price tag! Some Saluki’s have been known to sell for $6,000 plus, depending on country and level of breeding and bloodline.

Number 7

Pharaoh Hound

With one of the best smiles in the business the Pharaoh Hounds is one impressive breed. They are an incredibly intelligent and affectionate breed, that are known for their happiness and ability to make people smile. Being quite rare they can reach an impressive price tag particularly in some parts of the world. To own one of these adorable dogs you could be looking at paying upwards of $7,000.

Number 6

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is famous for their loyal and protective nature. They are an impressive looking breed that need a consistent and strong leader. The Chow Chow comes in two different coat types including rough and smooth and both varieties will need a decent amount of grooming. Being seasonal shedders, some owners call in the experts during this time to help with the masses of hair, that will also come at a cost. Your Chow Chow could cost upwards of $9,000.

Number 5

English/British Bulldog

This sweet breed is a crowd favourite when it comes to attention and charm. Being wonderful family companion and pretty low maintenance on the exercise front makes them a welcome addition to many homes. Good breeding is paramount, as being a Brachycephalic breed (a shortened skull, short nose and a flat face), they can face many health problems. Expect to pay upwards of $10,000 for one of these stunning and well-bred dogs.

Number 4


This beautiful white and bright dog makes an incredible family companion. They are friendly and make a very loyal furry family member. They are also wonderfully active dogs that enjoy spending time in the great outdoors with those special humans who they adore. However, this constant and beautiful relationship comes at a price. For a well-bred Samoyed you could be paying upwards of $10,000!

Number 3


This ‘Little Lion Dog’ is a very smart and active companion breed who thrives in a loving and affectionate home. A playful and very soft breed they make wonderful family additions for all ages. However, the rarity of this breed makes them very expensive. Some pups can reach upwards of $10,000!

Number 2

French Bulldog

The incredibly popular and loving French Bulldog is certainly a crowd pleaser. This adorable breed is not easy to come by, but they are well worth the wait! The Frenchie was bred for one purpose only, to be a cuddling cute companion – something they are known to excel in. However, they are also a Brachycephalic breed (a shortened skull, short nose and a flat face), so good breeding is vital to reduce possible health problems. These dogs can reach anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 depending on the breeder.


Number 1

And…drumroll…the most expensive dog in 2018 is…

Tibetan Mastiff

Well-known as a symbol of wealth in some countries, the Tibetan Mastiff is a powerful and large dog that requires a decent amount of training and grooming. This only adds to the costs of owning one of these impressive dogs. In some places of the world this breed can sell from between $8,000 – $10,000 however, this breed has broken many records over time with the most recent being a huge price-tag of $2.09 million Australian dollars to a property developer in China.


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