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The roundup this week includes a link to the latest Flat Chat Wrap podcast, which is turning out to be a lot more fun than we thought it would be.

Basically someone looks at the latest stuff on the website and chats to JimmyT about it – for the past two weeks it’s been author, journalist, travel and property writer and Owners Corporation Network founder Sue Williams.

Is it as much fun for you as it is for us? You can hear the podcast on THIS LINK and judge for yourselves.

Meanwhile, we have been getting record numbers of readers on the website – which means even more question to the Flat Chat Forum than ever.

For instance, what do you do when you have a developer who still holds 39 per cent of the vote is taking revenge on owners for exercising their legal rights (by following strata law) and then blocks all the motions put up by the owners to improve their scheme?

It’s nasty, it’s spiteful and he’s making his enemies suffer.  But there’s still a lot they can do to put him back in his box. That’s HERE.

Ooops! The secretary has admitted that they have dumped a car in visitor parking … but then does nothing about getting it moved.

No point in even talking to the other committee member as they regularly park in visitor parking anyway.

And this all comes out when other owners are taken to Fair Trading for parking on the lawns. Welcome to another day in strata paradise, HERE.

Who’s responsible when a previous owner secretly installs a skylight in the roof without permission?

The new owners wants to keep it but what happens if it leaks or need repair? That’s HERE.

Our fire doors are always passed in the fire safety inspection but the deadbolt locks are marked for replacement – because they could slow residents’ exit if they were locked.

We tell owners to keep them on the latch when they are home but make their flats more secure when they are out.

Do we really need to replace them?  That’s HERE.

Usually at this point we encourage you to keep tabs on the Flat Chat Forum, but just for a change, plug the earbuds in, sit back and relax with the Flat Chat Wrap podcast.

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