Roundup: How bad does your strata manager have to be?



Did you know there is not a single instance (that we know of) of a strata manager losing their licence for being really bad at their job?

Sure there have been a couple jailed for misusing funds.  But that’s fraud, plain and simple.  How about being told to stop calling yourself a strata manager because you really don’t know what you’re doing?

This is not a swipe at strata managers. In fact, I support the many, many SMs who are doing a great job despite all the odds, and in the face of apathy and ignorance.

How disappointing must it be for them, the majority who are competent, diligent and honest, to have the reputation of their profession trashed by a minority of numpties who don’t have a clue and, even worse, don’t care?

That said, guess what Fair Trading does when they get a complaint about a bad strata manager.  They “counsel” them and try to “educate” them. Hmmm.

Anyway if you want to complain about your strata manager, if only to find out what happens, start here.

How do you keep someone off your committee when you know they are going to be trouble?  That’s HERE.

Can you vote in favour of your own proposed exclusive use by-laws or is that a conflict of interest?  That’s HERE.

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