Roundup – the best of the worst of your problems

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing – or in this case, a bad thing?

As part of the Strata Matters Owners Day – aka Flat Chat Live – on March 10, I’ve promised to present a fun round-up of the best of the worst of Flat Chat.

My problem isn’t that I don’t have enough material, it’s that I’ve got too much.  Where do I begin?

The farmer turned developer who divvied up the costs of running the building equally between himself and the only three owners who had bought in?

The noisy dogs that turned out to be barking at a drug dealer’s late-night customers – and then the drug dealer claimed he was really a private eye?

The autocratic chairman of a building who turned out to be a tenant? The chairwoman of an old building who persuaded the other owners to let her add a balcony but then blocked her neighbours from doing the same because of potential noise and disruption?

Brat dumpers – wealthy parents who buy or rent their teenage kids a flat where they can run riot?

What are your favourite strata horror stories?  Drop me a line here on and I’ll see how many I can fit in to our Strata Matters owners’ day,

By the way, there’s an impressive line-up of speakers on everything from how to get on with your neighbours (and what to do when you don’t) to holiday letting and flammable cladding.  You can find out more – and book your seat – HERE.

Meanwhile, life goes on in our strata schemes, with storage presenting a couple of odd problems in our latest roundup from the Forum.

  • My neighbours have issued a retrospective ban on pets, including my little dog. Can they do that?  THAT’S HERE!
  • Who fixes a storage cage door that was damaged in a break and enter? THAT’S HERE!
  • Storage rooms were incorrectly allocated – but the lucky beneficiaries of the mix-up don’t want to move.  THAT’S HERE!
  • False fire alarms driving us mad and costing us money. THAT’S HERE!
  • Do we need workers compensation insurance? The new strata manager says no, the old one said yes. THAT’S HERE!

By the time you read this there will already be more posts, problems and solutions on the Forum. If you haven’t already done so, remember to “watch” or “subscribe” to individual threads so you can easily keep up with the latest posts.

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