Roundup: How big a deal is the size of your unit?


An artist's impression of the proposed Showground precinct

An artist’s impression of the proposed Showground precinct

Of all the things you might have to sacrifice to be able to afford an apartment to buy or rent, how far down the list would size rate?

Less important than a view, or parking or a pool, gym or balcony? The question was brought into stark relief  recently when, according to this story, developer Mirvac pulled out of the 5000-unit scheme in the Hills district because the local council was demanding a larger minimum size for the apartments than they, Mirvac, thought was financially feasible.

Planning Minister Anthony Roberts chipped in with an undisguised swipe at Hills District Council, saying they wanted ‘McMansions in the sky’ whereas he favoured smaller and more affordable housing.

In recent times we have seen Victoria’s building regulators shy away from creating a minimum size for units while NSW set a minimum of 35sqm for studios and 50sqm for one-bedroom flats.

That 35sqm may seem appallingly small to those of us used to wide open spaces but it fits in with a trend towards tiny houses and compact units with clever space-saving layouts and fittings.

I know every time our sister website Titlemagazine.com.au runs a feature on tiny units, like this one, for instance, they go gangbusters.

So, would you sacrifice size for location, for instance? And how low would you go?

With another feature this week focussing on people who would rather live in a converted bus than pay rent for a flat, it seems everyone has their own priorities when it comes to housing – and size is not the only factor.

Size is also not the only consideration for questions on the Flat Chat Forum … you can bet that one person’s small potatoes is another’s major issue.

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Needless to say, by the time you read this there will be even more questions and answers on the Forum. Check it out – it may have the A to a Q that’s been bugging you.

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