Roundup: Your strata questions take the cake again


There’s so much going on in the website this week that having a Roundup at all seems like icing on a very big cake … or is it over-egging the pudding?  Choose your own cliché.

But look at the stories: From an agency that matches time-poor owners with people who’ll work for a roof over their heads, to the names we give our pets, we reckon we’ve covered most of the bases in strata.

Plus – the Wrap podcast returns!

Meanwhile, questions and answers are coming thick and fast on the Forum.  So let’s get straight to that …

Four out of five owners want balconies added to the block, the fifth doesn’t.  Can the majority force the others into line?  That’s HERE.

Can owners put a limit on the strata committee’s spending?  That’s HERE?

Major defects in walls required serious repairs.  But who pays for the internal paint job when the work has been done?  That’s HERE.

Who pays when an ageing air-con system blows the power control board? That’s HERE.

A Flatchatter has moved to Victoria where the strata laws are very different from NSW. How different?  Find out HERE.

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