ROUNDUP: Fun and games in mad rush to rebuild stadium



The NSW Government has been running around like mad things for the past couple of weeks.

Every day, my inbox is clogged with press releases about things in which I have zero interest (while the stuff I do care about often doesn’t reach me).

But if they’re not planning to knock down and rebuild Sydney’s biggest stadia, they’re banning flammable cladding (but not, so far declaring it a major defect) and looking at tightening regulations on off-the-plan apartment sales.

Maybe they should “discover” dodgy cladding on the ANZ and Allianz sports grounds and then everyone (including me) would get off their backs about wasting $2bn on two rebuilds when all we really need is one refurb.

By the way, there’s still some juice in the Sydney Football Stadium schemozzle.  That new footbridge over Anzac Parade only makes sense if there’s a stadium at the other end of it.  Remember where you read it first.

But enough of that nonsense, we have to deal with the much more import matters raised this week in the Flat Chat Forum.

  • Some garden furniture has mysteriously arrived in a common area – is it a blessing or a curse? That’s HERE.
  • What kind of permissions do owners need to remove floor tiles and replace them with timber? That’s HERE.
  • Do we have to replace old by-laws with the new model ones? That’s HERE.
  • OC is replacing my balcony tiles – do I have to accept their choice of colour? That’s HERE.
  • Can we pass a by-law forcing people to accept strata notices by email? That’s HERE.

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