Roundup: I’m being stalked by a creepy neighbour


Every so often someone sends a post to the Flat Cat Forum and it touches a surprising nerve.  This week, a Flatchatter asked what she could do about a stalker in her building.

Boom! Within a couple of hours we had two other readers relating very similar stories.  Are they active stalkers or just loser lurkers?  It doesn’t matter – they are scaring people who are entitled to feel safe in their own homes.

So what will fix the problem rather than escalate it to a whole other level?  It seems the police are often less than helpful and the burly brother/mate/hired muscle might only make things worse.

One scary neighbour even got the police to force their victim to take down video cameras, placed to gather evidence, claiming they were paedophiles.

What can you do? You will find those questions, and a few answers, HERE.

Elsewhere on the Forum (which readers seem to be finding easier to use), what do you do when your secretary refuses to call a general meeting to discuss paying for legal help in an NCAT case … in which they are the defendant?  That’s HERE.

How many complainants do you need before a strata manager can issue a notice to comply? That’s HERE.

The neighbour’s noisy air conditioner condenser is on another resident’s roof. The owners of the aircon say they noise can’t be that bad. The OC says that, since it only affects one unit, it’s that owner’s problem. Find out why they’re all wrong HERE.

Are we allowed to read all correspondence when we check the strata records?  That’s HERE.

I was accidentally given the wrong storage cage 20 years ago and now I’ve been kicked out.  How do I get rid of the stuff that’s mistakenly been put in mine?  That’s HERE.

There are plenty more questions and answers in the Forum which is on fire these days.  Subscribe for free and you’ll never miss a beat.

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