Roundup: Kicking butt and taking names


It has been a gratifying week here on the Flat Chat desk with a couple of appreciative emails thanking us for our advice. We even learned a colleague had been using the column so effectively against a know-all (know nothing) bully chairman that he gave up and sold out.

And remember FarawayGirl?  The developer of her new apartment block decided that she and the other three people who have bought into it should share all the costs of the whole 12-unit scheme until such times as the rest of the unit were sold.

We said no, you can only charge people according to their unit entitlements so then the developer said they wouldn’t be able to vote at the AGM because they owed money on their levies.  And then this bully announced he had appointed a building manager without consulting the owners – another no-no.

There were so many things wrong with this we took it straight to the Minister’s office.  You can read what they said HERE.

Then there was the question of a tree that was damaging a building (even though the tree was next door).  Our newest strataguru Proudsceptic dug out the legislation (even though this was in Victoria) and you can read the outcome HERE.

All our stratagurus have pitched in this year – ScotlandX and PeterC to the fore – and we have said farewell to one of our originals, Whale, who has swum off to warmer (and less stressful) waters.  I salute you all without whom this forum would be a shadow of itself.

Meanwhile there is a stack of juicy strata issues for you to get your teeth into.  The following is just a selection of the latest ones but you will find plenty more in the column on the right and in the Forum itself.

Is a strata manager legally obliged to call an AGM when the committee is down to one member?  That’s here.

What’s the deal with providing wheelchair access when an owner can’t climb stairs?  That’s here.

While we were on holiday someone installed an awning without permission and it has damaged our property.  What can we do?  That’s here

What can you do when major work is being done on a lot without notice or approval?  That’s here.

Is it possible to get accurate strata reports before buying and are they worth the expense and effort?  That’s here.

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