Roundup: A little update goes a long way


With the recent changes in strata laws, we realised a lot of our information needed an update, links were broken and there are new answers to old questions, so this past weekend has been spent bringing everything up to scratch (we hope).

Since we started Flat Chat, organisations like the CTTT have disappeared (to be replaced by NCAT) and others have been rebranded – the strata managers’ organisation ISTM is now Strata Community Australia, for instance.

So we bit the bullet and tried to bring our basic info up to speed and had a minor redesign while we were at it.

If you look to the left (if you are reading this on computer, rather than a phone), you’ll see we’ve stacked a lot of our basic information there and I’m particularly pleased with “Essential Stuff for Strata Strife” which has those forms and fact sheets we’re always telling people to look for – all in the one place.

If there’s anything missing that you think should be there, drop us a line and let us know.

One unexpected consequence of sorting everything out is that a lot of old stuff has appeared in our “Latest Posts” column.  I have no idea how to fix that but they’ll eventually make their way off the bottom – and hey, you might find something interesting there.

Meanwhile, we have two weeks of posts to catch up with so we’d better stop moving the furniture around and get on with it.

  • What do you do when someone has sneaked in a noisy timber floor before the Owners Corp could pass their by-law insisting on acoustic insulation?  That’s HERE.
  • Some disgusting neighbours upstairs are spitting and throwing rubbish on to the terrace below – how do you find out which ones? That’s HERE.
  • One Flatchatter had a terrible time with a compulsorily appointed strata manager for five years.  Do they have too much power?  What can you do to stop them if they go off the rails? THAT’S HERE.
  • A “shared” laundry is already full of individual owners’ machines.  No room for any newcomers and, hey, who’s paying for the electricity? That’s HERE.
  • In a week in which two kids fell from a third-floor apartment block window, with potentially fatal consequences, a Flatchatter asks if we need a by-law to compel owners to let workmen in to fix locks. That’s HERE.

There’s a lot more on the Flat Chat Forum – log in and help me push the old stuff down the list

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