Roundup: Nitpickers set sights on strata laws


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Every so often on Flat Chat, our readers get a bit nit-picky and we don’t get so many big sexy issues like ”my neighbour’s dog ate my cat” or ”can the guy upstairs park an army tank in his space?” (Answer: if he has an army tank he can pretty much do what he wants.)

Instead we get into the minutiae of strata law, its loopholes and quirks.  But who am I kidding – all you strata bush lawyers out there love this stuff – as do I!  Enjoy.

  •  Can you have an Extraordinary General Meeting on paper only without anyone being there to vote.  That’s here.
  • Do short-term lets breach the law requiring owners corps to be notified every time a new tenant moves in? You didn’t know there was such a law?  Hey, there’s even a maximum $550 fine!  That’s here.
  • Should the owners proposing motions be identified in the agenda?  Is it name and shame … or show and tell?  That’s here.
  • What’s the time limit for registering a by-law -and is it illegal not to do it? That’s here.

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