Roundup: Not quite the Cultural Revolution


It’s only 30 days until everything we know and loathe about strata law is swept away and the bright, shiny new face of apartment living smiles down upon us all.

There we’ll all be on November 30, with our freshly minted sets of strata laws in our hot little hands, removing “executive” from the names of our committees in a radical dethroning of the elite on a scale not seen since China’s cultural revolution.

There are a few other interesting developments that I look forward to, like the internal dispute resolution process which, for a lot of people means asking the people they are fighting with to organize mediation for both sides. Hmmm.

Will we even have one tenant representative by this time next year?  I mean, really, why would you even stand when you have no vote and little input into the critical issues?

Meanwhile pets will be compulsory – just joking! – and nine neighbours will be able to force the other three in a block of twelve to sell their homes (not even remotely funny).

Proxy farming will be dead, to be replaced by Proxy Sharing where your committee members will offer themselves as trickle-down vote holders now that you can’t just blindly hand all your proxies to the chairman.

The Dear Leaders in strata are gone – to be replaced by the Apartment Politburo. And the person who stops clapping first gets a Notice To Comply.

Meanwhile, still dealing with old school strata rules, here are a few tasters from the Flat Chat Forum smorgasbord.

One reader’s block has had a big repairs pay-out.  But what should they do with the left-over money.  That’s HERE.

Is there a formula for calculating how much an owner has to pay for extending into common property?  There most certainly is – get your algebra heads on HERE

The new hairdresser in the block wants to pay residential level water rates for their business and, surprise, surprise, they refuse to install a water meter. That’s HERE.

Call it “Matters Arising” or “Any Other Competent Business”, but there must be an opportunity to discuss stuff that isn’t on the AGM agenda, right?  Wrong.  That’s HERE.

Four owners, two don’t care, one wants a dog and the other claims they have dog-phobia.  What do you do?  That’s HERE.

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