ROUNDUP: We are flat-dwellers – hear us roar!


Did you know we are a whole new tribe, we flat-dwellers? According to this story in the Sydney Morning Herald we, as a group,  have different attitudes from the rest of Australian society.

The 2017 Sydney Lifestyle Study, commissioned by property developer pressure group Urban Taskforce Australia, used 2016 census data and a surveyed 1500 households to reveal the attitudes of Sydney’s strata dwellers.

Of course, the figures are going to be skewed by the fact that 63 percent of flat-dwellers are renters but what leaps out of the survey results is that we are a pretty progressive bunch.

For instance, according to the study, three-quarters of us say government should spend more money improving social services, even if doing so results in a budget deficit.

Eight out of 10 flat-dwellers also think governments should change the laws in  social policy in areas such as euthanasia, illicit drugs and in lowering the numbers of people going to jail as well as shorter terms for those who do.

“Politicians must pay attention to the various demographic groups who live in apartments as they can have a different political preference from house dwellers,” says Chris Johnson of Urban Taskforce.

“As suburbs increase the number of apartments as a proportion of all homes, it is likely that the voting preferences will change.”

So think about that, all you state pollies who are seriously considering selling us down the river so your mates at Airbnb can make more profits.

We are smarter than your average voter and, with the survey revealing that there will be more apartments that stand-alone houses in seven years, we might not put up with your nonsense any more.

But what nonsense do we put up with every day?  Here’s a selection of the latest questions and answers from the Flat Chat Forum.

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